More Than Just an Average

What makes you more than just an average? 

Recently, we’ve been through some identity crisis about what we’re going to aim and who the heck are we? what we concerned is about growing sales, sales and more sales. yes, sales is important but we forget to deliver our premise as a brand. it’s just like the momentum when teenager seeking their identity.

So, maybe our time is now, the phase that we’ve been searching for is finally come. actually, our products had told us about what the important thing of being more than just an average, the way we deliver our message through the product is one of our identity as a brand, yes, the way your organize your belongings with Sociatee is More than just an average, the way you bring your NOTS is More than jsut an average people, cause not everybody has a wallet that can put your phone in. the way you using KART is More than just an average, because you choose to be minimalist and decide to be more efficient. that’s nothing wrong with you because it more than just an average people. Being average is boring.

“More than just an average” become our new identity to create meaningful brand to all of you who feel the same way. and HI FIVE if you feel the same way. we want to tell everybody that we are MORE THAN JUST AN AVERAGE.

Let’s the game get the underway, we’re ready to be More than just an average.