The history of Wallet, and how we deal with the new Technology

Despite the growing number of wallet design, there\’s a hundred wallet design that we can find in every store you\’ve been visited. and we knew that wallet has a function to bring your daily belongings especially card and cash. but before we talk about tidying, let me give you a highlight from the past. 

Wallet was founded in the year of 1600 when America and England started using money as the new official payment. they using wallet to bring their money. and the design of wallet has been evolve in a couple decade since we started the era of technology. 

But, nowadays the design of wallet tend to fulfill the needs of style and a little bit ignoring the function of its wallet. and now we are in the era of cashless which means we could be rarely doing a payment with our cash. because nowadays we can easily pay using electronic money or card or even using your smartphone. 

this case is the same thing when we change our phone from the first Nokia launched their polyphonic phone until the Apple launched their face id recognition. So, how to deal with the shifting of technology era that always change in every minute of our life?

The only thing that you can do is being comfortable with your style,such as : 

  1. You\’re feel comfortable enough when you bring your wallet even you like to put it in front of your bag or maybe put it in the back of your jeans ( we\’re not suggesting this way)  
  2. Bring your belongings that only you use for your daily activity, bring a lot of money could be risked to be lost, or maybe bring some card that rarely used will give you a double load.
  3.  Always following the new trends of technology, to stay update what the new invention of technology especially in the new way of payment can assist you to be more aware about what the new invention that can adjust your daily activity to be more easier.